Meet Holly & Clint.

This is the husband and wife duo that started the whole thing!  Holly & Clint have their own young children and have always made reading with their kids a priority.  They are down right passionate about it. Wanting to share their passion and help other parents read with their kids, Holly & Clint created The Story Box.  Their idea started back in January of 2015.  After months of research and preparing, The Story Box launched in October of 2015.  They've been sending lots and lots of great children's books to kids all over the United States ever since!


A little more about Holly & Clint's vision...

When Holly & Clint first came up with their idea for The Story Box, they were beyond excited to begin sending high-quality children's books to tons of little readers, but the books alone weren't enough.  Holly & Clint wanted families to read together, talk about the great books and stories together, and do activities based on the books together.  Holly & Clint believed they could help families get more out of their books, and these ideas are what led to the parent guide and challenge cards. Luckily, Holly has years of experiences working with children as a speech-language pathologist.  This knowledge and experience has been crucial in the development of our guides and cards.  Learn more about those by visiting our What's Inside page.  

It's a family business.  Meet the FAMILY!


Mother of two.  Wife to Clint.  


Holly uses her speech-language pathology knowledge and experience to find books that can be used to facilitate your child's speech, language, and pre-literacy skills.  


Father of two.  Husband to Holly.  


Clint harnesses his attitude of perfectionism to ensure that each and every order is fulfilled correctly, delivered on time, looks good, and holds up through shipping.

Bree & Reid

Youngins.  Children to Holly & Clint.  


Bree and Reid use their youthfulness and playfulness to make sure all selected books are FUN for your littles.  They like beautiful, colorful illustrations and a good story!

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